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Yellowtail Software

Welcome to Yellowtail Software. We are an international consulting and software development company, based in Cape Town, South Africa. We are also part of the larger international Yellowtail Group.

We are a proud Microsoft Gold Certified Partner who has, in the past, been awarded the “IT Leading Employer of the Year” award by the Computer Society of South Africa and Talent Align.

We create business solutions using software: Creating solutions is what we do (our primary goal) and using software is how we do it.

To create solutions for your business, we first work to understand your industry and your role in that industry. As a result of working internationally, having customers around the globe, being part of an international group of companies, and having a very strong consulting business, we are able to have insights that few software focussed organisations have.

We use software to create the solutions for your business:

  • Through bespoke software development,
  • Through products that we have built and
  • Through deep international product experience and partnerships.

We have created bespoke software solutions since early 2006. More than 97% of our bespoke software revenue has been from outside of South Africa. We regularly compete with other suppliers from around the globe and we do so successfully. We have a strategic partnership with an Indian Software company and can thus scale on demand, while still maintaining accountability for quality. One example of our bespoke software excellence: You may not easily 'see' this, but many of the world's top travel portals (flights, hotels, transport, insurance, etc.) run on top of software that we created.

Our product suite includes:

  • Solutions in the local government domain, which are used, for example, by more than 100 municipalities and numerous utility suppliers in the Netherlands.
  • Contracting and Billing - providing solutions for revenue models from/to 'any' level of simplicity/complexity.
  • Integration (rock-solid "black-boxing" of integration complexity), etc.

Our expertise in leading international products is probably best illustrated through our close involvement with Figlo. Figlo is a world-leader in providing software for Personal Financial Management, Financial Planning and Financial Product advice. We have worked with Figlo in many respects: Consulting to their organisation, building integration solutions, conducting Figlo sales efforts, and more.

Software is merely a tool to provide business solutions, but we strive to be the best in using this 'mere' tool.

This is Yellowtail Software - Fresh Ideas Proven Results