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  • Together we can go places
  • Follow your own current
  • Executing bright ideas
  • We clear your view
  • We blend out
  • Proven results
  • We manage your risks
  • Make it lean
  • Seeing beyond, staying beside
  • Simplify complexity
  • Greatness starts small

Yellowtail Holding

Yellowtail Software is part of Yellowtail Holding which is located in The Netherlands. Yellowtail Holding is also the parent company of Yellowtail Consulting http://www.yellowtail.nl and Public Space Management Services http://www.psms.nu

Yellowtail Holding generates new business concepts for sales, service and process improvement for a variety of industries. ICT technology will always be an important component in the realisation of these concepts. A concept that has high potential to grow into a separate line of business will be earmarked by Yellowtail Holding and further investigated. Once a concept is supported by a robust business case, it is developed together with the efforts of Yellowtail Software and Yellowtail Consulting. This development is facilitated by Yellowtail Holding with necessary financing and organizational structuring. Ultimately, the resulting business can be moved into a separate entity for further growth on its own.