• Seeing beyond, staying beside
  • Executing bright ideas
  • Simplify complexity
  • We clear your view
  • Together we can go places
  • We manage your risks
  • Explore the unseen
  • We blend out
  • Proven results
  • Follow your own current
  • Make it lean
  • Greatness starts small

Corporate Culture

The culture of a company cannot be manufactured or disguised. Rather, it is the product of the individuals within it. The culture of a company is the honest reflection of its core values, strengths, and goals.

Yellowtail’s culture can be summed up in these few words:
people who are passionate about their craft,
eager to teach,
more eager to learn,
professional in all their undertakings and
always proud of their results.

We believe that people who love what they do, will do it well. Therefore, our recruitment process is tailored to these qualities, which results in a naturally high level of mutual respect and trust between developers, testers, and managers. Visitors to our offices will be presented with a perhaps unusual picture: in one office, developers and testers hard at work on the latest feature for a project, destined to go live soon. Developers from unrelated teams might be seen crowded around a desk, sharing expertise or a different technique. In the boardroom, yet another hopeful candidate in an interview, or perhaps a project team in the middle of their weekly code review with an Architect. Nearby in the Pause Area, a few are reclining on the couches eating lunch and discussing the weekend sport, or even trying their hand at a quick game on the Wii.

At Yellowtail, we strive to create an environment that is flexible enough for discussion and creativity, comfortable enough for a little relaxation and light-hearted fun (or even the occasional office prank!), yet all the while ensuring that every person always has every imaginable tool for learning and continuous improvement. Throughout the week we have regular code reviews. Information is shared frequently in ad-hoc meetings, over email, or through workshops, and on Fridays we all enjoy a few drinks and snacks after work, or a delicious lunch cooked by one of our own! The apparent contradiction between our relaxed air and our drive for the utmost quality has often been remarked upon with surprise by outsiders, but we believe that it is one of our greatest strengths. In 2010 we won the CSSA Leading IT Employer award, but we believe the real proof of this winning formula lies in the quality of our software, and the testimony of our clients, our industry peers, and of course, our employees.