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How to become a true "Employer of choice"

In a continual search for improvement, Yellowtail came across a survey which piqued our interest – the Computer Society of South Africa (CSSA) Leading Employer survey.

Why Participate?

The reasons for Yellowtail employees to participate in this survey were twofold:

Firstly: We would be contributing information that allows the ICT sector to respond (nationally) to both strengths and weaknesses in the industry and to allow the development of  a stronger ICT sector in South Africa.
Secondly (and more importantly): We are continually striving to do better and the survey was a great way to determine which areas we are succeeding in and where we needed to improve.

The Survey: “The questions in the survey are aimed at understanding various components of Employee Engagement, such as: Career Growth, Empowerment (of the individuals), Organisational Performance, Commitment, Inter-Personal Relationships, Reward, etc. This helps the understanding regarding being an “employer of choice” and how your current employees really feel about their current employment – are they valued and given opportunities to grow, etc.?”- Tony Parry, CSSA Executive Director

What Does it Mean to be a Leading Employer?

A Leading Employer is an organisation that cares for its Employees and demonstrates strong Employee Engagement principles. These organisations have taken the time to understand that Employee Engagement is a critical factor in the sustained success of the organisation. (TalentAlign.com)

The Outcome:
In November we were notified that we were one of three finalist for this award, and were invited to the CSSA Presidents Award ceremony, where the winner of the Leading Employer of 2010 would be announced.  
We proudly came home with the title “Yellowtail Software – Leading Employer of 2010”.
Although it is a great honor to have received this award, we are definitely still looking at it through our initial “lens”, namely to figure out where we can still make improvements. While we may now officially be the best, we definitely don’t think that everything is perfect and continue our search for improvement.