• Make it lean
  • Together we can go places
  • Follow your own current
  • Explore the unseen
  • We clear your view
  • Seeing beyond, staying beside
  • We manage your risks
  • We blend out
  • Executing bright ideas
  • Simplify complexity
  • Greatness starts small
  • Proven results

Work for Yellowtail

The team at Yellowtail Software is strongly focused on delivering high quality products. We are able to do this through various means; such as the recruitment of high quality candidates who are passionate about their work, and together with the continual development of each employee through multiple opportunities as well as the personal attention given to each individual so that they may succeed in their career paths.

At Yellowtail we believe in producing only the highest quality software, through employing talented, smart and creative people. We place a high emphasis on the craftsmanship of software and the professionalism of a software developer.

Our strategy of achieving these goals includes weekly code reviews conducted within each project team, as well as architect and developer-led knowledge-sharing sessions which every developer is encouraged to contribute towards.

We write leading-edge code for international markets and successfully compete with companies around the globe. We look for real talent and unique people who are professional and take pride in their work.

We nurture and give developers the opportunity to grow and learn from some of the best people in the industry. Developers must be comfortable and eager to learn new techniques and technologies, and be equally willing to share knowledge and assist their peers.

At Yellowtail, we work within an agile environment (SCRUM), alongside experienced project managers, scrum masters and testers.

The right software development processes together with our high emphasis on code quality make Yellowtail the ideal place for any software developer who is serious about furthering their career.