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  • Explore the unseen
  • Together we can go places
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  • We clear your view
  • Follow your own current
  • Seeing beyond, staying beside
  • We blend out
  • Executing bright ideas
  • Simplify complexity
  • Greatness starts small

Friday Lunches

Below are some of the gourmet Friday lunches which are cooked in-house by our very own "chef" Raquel. Every Friday morning Raquel begins preparing a cooked meal for everyone here at the office, which is really hard to ignore once those aromas come wafting through the office. So come 12h30, just about everyone is queued up and ready to tuck into a superb meal.

Because of its success, Yellowtail released its very own recipe book for all of its clients and staff. Every meal you see here has been tried, tested and thouroughly enjoyed.