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It’s a rare occurrence where ‘real’ developers get to work on a complex codebase to produce something that is available for everyone to see. We often write sophisticated algorithms to calculate financial data that appears somewhere on a report or screen – vital to the application, but without much visible 'brag' factor. In this respect the Airtrade project at Yellowtail is different. It’s a technically challenging and a complex codebase which supports a business area that everyone can identify with – booking travel – having fun.

The project started five years ago and at the time was bleeding edge in terms of its technology use. Now its tried and tested and very successfully supporting sites in 5 countries with two main brands and 27 affiliates. Affiliates are travel portals using the same engine to provide a travel offering to their B2B or B2C clients.

Together with developers from Airtrade in Holland, we develop a generic codebase which is configurable in terms of functionality and look to cater for various permutations of products, languages, website sizes and customer types. We are continuously expanding the product to meet the ever-demanding needs of the international traveler.

Technologies used are:

    C# 4.0
    .Net Framework 4.0
    ASP .Net Web Forms
    Ektron CMS
    Web Services
    Visual Studio 2010