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Usage based billing
Billing as a service


Cloudbilling™ offers companies with a usage based service, an easy solution to generate periodic invoices based on various pricing plans of various products.

CloudBilling™ is a generic B2B contracting and billing solution that supports all invoicing needs of all kinds of businesses in a simple, secure, integrated and highly customizable manner. This allows companies to focus on developing the most suitable pricing models without having to worry about technical and administrative limitations of their systems and gain daily insight in your company’s key financial metrics.

The cloud makes it possible to use ‘billing as a service’ in a secure and efficient way without investing in dedicated hardware and software. With an easy to integrate and scalable solution, you will only pay for the extent that you use the CloudBilling™ service.

For whom?

All companies offering usage based services in hosting, software, telecommunications, energy, media content with pricing plans that are based on actual usage, can benefit form the CloudBilling™ solution. The solution is suitable for enterprises of all sizes.

How does it work?

CloudBilling™ enables you to manage the process of generating bills from the resource usage data, using a set of predefined billing and pricing rules in a flexible, scalable and secure way. An easy integration with your platform, will enable you to import usage data on a continuous basis. The CloudBilling™ engine will continuously calculate the related pricing and assign the revenues to the related customer. This way, the monthly invoice will build up on a continuous basis to the final monthly invoice.

This invoice can either be imported into your financial software or directly be sent to your customer as an electronic invoice PDF.

Business Intelligence

Besides managing the invoice generation process, CloudBilling™ offers insight in the key financial indicators of your business on a daily basis. A continuous feed of usage data into the CloudBilling™ engine will make this possible. As a CEO, CFO, controller or sales manager you will be able to monitor your revenues, margins, churn and invoices past due on a daily basis though the CloudBilling™ user interface and mobile app. You can even compare this information with historic data and set your maximum accepted deviations of actual revenue, margin and churn of the total business or per customer, channel or product.

If the actual performance exceeds your imported limits, you will receive an e-mail or sms notifaction, so you can undertake immediate action. You will also have the option to offer this tooling and insight to your customer base through a branded user interface and mobile app.

Below the CloudBilling™ solution is presented with the benefits of each level that can be achieved.

Value Proposition CloudBilling™ FMS
Getting Started

Business Improvement

With all the key financial metrics being offered on an ongoing basis, you will be able to manage your billing process, cash flow and your business as a whole in a proactive way and prevent any negative suprises in your company’s performance. Based on this daily insight, CloudBilling™ will enable you to optimize your revenues, margins, cash flow and customer management, which will give you a competitive advantage as a company.


As a CloudBilling™ user you will be provided with tools to monitor and manage your billing process and management information flow. You will have access to an online user interface in which you can find the functionalities to manage your pricing models, customers and product assortment and make sure that the related billing process runs as expected.

Multiple users can have various access rights in the user interface and you can even provide your customers with an interface to monitor their part of the service. In addition to the user interface, a mobile app will be offered to monitor the key performance indicators of your billing process, so you can have insight in your business even if you are away from the office.

Getting Started

CloudBilling™ is offered as a cloud service, with an easy to integrate API for usage data import and invoice export. Before the service can be activated, the CloudBilling team will check your pricing plans and needs and make sure that they are setup correctly in the system. After that, you can start using the service. Your costs will depend on the number of invoices you generate for your customer base with the engine. You will be charged on a monthly basis.

Upon request, additional customization requirements can be developed and implemented by our team.

  • Ability to manage complex billing, based on all types of client pricing agreements and periodic usage of products and services.

  • Supports widest range of complex pricing rules for virtually any type of pricing agreement.

  • Simple addition of new customers, new products and new pricing rules.

  • You can keep using your own terminology of products, customer channels and pricing and cluster your products and customers in an easy way (i.e. by reseller channel, country or product group).

  • Easy to implement and flexible to integrate with existing CRM solutions and accounting software.

  • Reduce manual work.

  • Reduce errors in your billing process.

  • Realize cost savings.

  • Scalable for future growth.

  • For online- and offline businesses.

  • Fit for international use.

  • Offers highest data protection and security.

  • Opportunity to turn your monthly invoicing into a continuous billing process.

  • Management Information to support your decision making, proactively manage and improve your business and establish a competitive advantage.

The Team

The CloudBilling team consists of an international team of ambitious industry experts with a strong believe in the development of cloud based services. CloudBilling BV is a spin-off out of the successful Yellowtail organization, which has many years of experience in the areas of software consulting and development.

Contact Us

If you are interested in finding out how CloudBilling™ can improve and simplify your billing process, please contact us and we will be happy to look into your case and explain how you can benefit.

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  • 1213 Hilversum
  • The Netherlands
  • www.cloudbilling.nl
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