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Moor is a system that facilitates the administrative process around surface break ups (road works) in the public domain.
Road works are undertaken by utility companies to perform maintenance on underground infrastructure. These companies typically provide services in domains such as data-cabling, water, electricity, and land-line phones.
Through simplifying and electronically managing these processes and through ensuring properly managed workflows, all of the participating organisations such as municipalities and utility companies are able to show greatly improved efficiencies and costs savings. The solution is delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service)-offering and the cost savings are usually the source of funding its use. It is relatively easy to build a solid business case for the use of the software.

Moor has grown from its modest birth as a tool to manage the road works for the city of Amsterdam, to covering many of the Dutch towns and cities, including large cities such as the Hague and others. The aim is to soon cover all of the Netherlands – as well as to expand to other countries.
We continue to be surprised at how the software is (innovatively) being used to cut costs and improve efficiencies, such as it being used successfully in a mobile fashion on iPads. Currently a big push is to team up with providers that need to know what is happening on roads. These include the GPS companies and many others. As one door opens a few more are immediately visible behind that.

The technologies used cover Microsoft Workflow, Google Maps and AJAX all combining to create a system that provides a logical flows for the business needs of many role-players in the public space management areas. Where municipalities used to struggle to manage and tax for working on roads, Moor enables this – thus ensuring better co-ordination between the utility companies and a revenue stream for the municipalities.